Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Book Notes

A second grade teacher (one who has made me feel very welcome this year) stopped by the library and asked if she could help and I jokingly replied that she could work with me to write a grant that connects the library to Comm Arts and involves a Writing Marathon at the Zoo and she said YES!!

Not only did she just say yes...she has brought the other 2 second grade teachers on board. She is outlining the science MIGS that will link to the activity and I am researching books that I could order for the library related to the study of animals in various genres. Our goal is to create an anthology (maybe a digital anthology?? what do you guys think??) and have an author's party for parents in the library in the evening.

I am so excited!!! I am also interested in any feedback from you (are you out there liz? everybody?). I've found some poetry books to order focused animals, we have several non-fiction books, wanted to include a few fairy tales...

I thought about ordering digital cameras that could be used to create the photostories as one of the genres...but am I getting too complicated?

This is an idea (to write a grant) born at OWP that will hopefully coming to fruition! (Of course, there's no guarentee that we'll get the grant, but I'll give it my best effort!!!)

laura b.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The classroom blog is up!

School starts in two days and everything is coming together nicely. After watching Barb and Keri three or four times do demos on blogging, I finally have everything in place to implement a classroom blog. It has not been an easy task, but my powers of persuasion, if you describe kneeling , pleading, and crying as powers, have finally paid off. I was very excited the first time I saw the blogging demo. My biggest frustration came when I realized I would have to wait a year to try it in my classroom. Well, it is finished and you are welcome to take a look. I would love any comments that might make the blog better.

I am still looking for a video hosting sight. I can't convince the powers to unblock Youtube. So, if you know of one, please let me know. I am using Google video right now, but their site is still somewhat primitive.

Good luck this year. I look forward to seeing everyone at our fall meeting.

Paws for Great Books!

Dear Friends,

I haven't taken time to blog in a long I actually feel rusty! The blog team, however, is at it again and thought they'd like to share their new slide show. (Casey, the blog is certainly looking snazzy!)

Hope you are all having a great start to your new year!