Sunday, March 30, 2008

Senior Project Night at Willow Springs High School

Hi....I sent out this e-mail soliciting judges for Senior Project Night at Willow Springs High School. If any of you are interested, call, e-mail, or post a comment and I'll be in touch! :) (I had to mention the OWP in the e-mail, too. :)

Good Morning and Happy Spring!

In between baseball games, golf meets, music contests, track meets, prom dancing, tennis matches, and, well, a load of other spring school activities, our seniors here at Willow Springs High School will squeeze in their Senior Project Presentation.

Senior Showcase and Senior Project Night is Thursday, April 24, 2008.

This year studies abound. For the first time ever, we have students studying the Culinary Arts (and yes, I've had some tasty treats), as well as the environment (where I've personally been challenged to reduce my carbon footprint on the world.) Furthermore, I'm jealous of one students butterfly garden, I learned how to put "side skirts" on a car (who knew I could learn that in my lifetime), I now know what style of clothes best fit my body style thanks to one students in-depth research on the fashion industry, and I'm really anxious to read the results of how well a school bus ran on the renewable fuel one student made. If you can't tell: I'm inspired. And every year students amaze me with their topic choices and products they create.

With over 90 seniors this year, I'm looking for more judges than ever before. Last year, over 200 volunteered for this big event and this year, I hope all of you can spend some time with the seniors and their work at Senior Showcase, 3:30-5:00 in The Bears Den on campus, and then move into judging at least six presentations in the high school afterwards.

As usual, a delicious dinner and snacks will be provided in our hospitality room, so I encourage you to come, bring a colleague, and enjoy a night here at Willow Springs where we celebrate academic study.

This year a link has been created for judges to view presentation titles as well as choose the events you would like to judge. Please respond to this e-mail if you are interested in judging, and once you have committed, I will return your e-mail with this link. Some of you are on this list because you are "my old faithful" judges (thanks, Dad...and the Vokacs...and all my colleagues, board members, and admin at Willow Springs,) but many of you are on the list because you judged for the first time last year, you have attended a Senior Project presentation and wanted more information, you've requested to be present this year, you are associated with the Ozarks Writing Project, or someone has given me your e-mail address and asked me to include you on the opportunity to volunteer for one night of academic success at an area high school.

Please e-mail for further inquiry. Or call the numbers below if you would like to visit personally. With time flying, I haven't had the opportunity to write about my students this year, but you can visit this blog article from last year, and read my year end review of students and senior projects, published in the 2007 Graduation Edition of The Educator. If you click on the title "Learning is Like Breathing," at that site, you will also be directed to a school link that hosts pictures of last years event.

Thanks for all of your interest. Hope to hear from you soon.