Friday, July 20, 2007

A friend in need...

Hello all,

I am writing to ask for your empathy and support for our friend Ashlei. She has, as Mike Rose so eloquently wrote, "been exposed to academic politics without sunscreen." As her friend, I am sad to announce that Ashlei was not selected for a teaching position at OTC. As her colleague, and a professional, I am saddened that for the fourth time in a row a candidate with less experience and a degree, other than desired, was hired. She is down and could use your wonderful support.

Thank you,


Monday, July 16, 2007

Back from the AP

Greetings. WOW what a conference. Very big. The high point was the closing keynote address by Frank McCourt. I missed seeing him at MSU. What a great speaker.
For you who teach AP Lang. and Comp., the primary focus was the synthesis question. Nearly all of the sessions dealt with this new addition to the AP test. Also, NBC now has an ICue program available for schools. Schools/students can access all NBC news archives from the begining of American time, literally. What they do not have in their archive, they have recreated using historians and other experts in the fields. We saw samplings from the program. Very impressive. And a tad expensive, $1500. I think. But would be worth a grant writing.

Laura, I attended a session entitled "Involving Students in Community-Based Learning." The teacher's unit was ok, but yours is "way better."

Julie, I flew home with a 3rd grade teacher from Branson. I did not get her name, but she said she knew you because her son either will or already has had you. P.S. Could you send me the summer reading assignment for freshman honor students. Thanks.

Later, Susan

Art and Writing

As I tooled around on the internet looking for neat ideas, I came across two items which link to Shelly's demo, but also open up a wide range of possibilities of using art within the writing classroom.
Here is me sharing:
J. Paul Getty Musuem lesson plans
The Walters Art Museum art through the ages
I imagine there are many more resources out there, and many that might have better ideas, but in the time I spent searching, the Getty Museum had some neat stuff.

Peace in the Middle East