Monday, July 02, 2007


If you sing it to the Mickey Mouse Club song, you might find it funny.
Well, after three weeks of parking in various illegal spots around campus, and not once getting a ticket, I returned today to a conveniently close spot near the library, where I would finish up some thoughts, print some necessary documents, and check-out a few more books. After spending 4 hours in the library, working at my own pace, which is just so lovely to do, I returned to my car to find a ticket politely tucked under the driver side windshield wiper. There's something poetic about this, but I don't quite have the skills yet to express it.
Thanks for dealing with me for three long weeks; I've learned much, and really that's all that counts.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hell-o to all!

It's been approximately 37 hours, 23 minutes, and 18 seconds since I last wrote. Gosh, going through withdrawal? Surely not. Anyway, just want to say that tomorrow will be really different, not walking into our classroom and seeing all of the tired, but happy(??), faces.

Barb, hope that the wedding went well and that you are basking in the joy of its finality. I know I did -- two times so far.

I sorted through all of my classwork yesterday and thought "WOW!!" We really did a lot of stuff (The italicized words always appear on my "bad words" list for essays). Kudos to us and our fearless (and strong) leaders.

Have a great week. And summer.


P.S. Thank you all for your positive comments following my demonstration. You were a superb group to work with. I enjoyed watching you. I even learned some new stuff!! So those who asked if I ever get bored -- NO. My primary problem is not to come off the showoff but to let my students handle the learning/teaching. And Hayley, I am on the look out for additional locales. There was an article in yesterday's paper about Canadaville, a new housing project around New Orleans that sounded rather intriguing. Also CBS Sunday Morning had a segment on Ellis Island and the hospital attached to it. Another place to play with. I'll keep digging.

Keri, I am also digging around for local spots that fit the criteria for this project. I have, so far, come up with a slave cabin and graveyard out by Strafford. Also, my husband told me of Mindenmines, a former strip mining town/area. If anyone else knows of a provocative (you like the word, Ashlei?) locale in the Ozarks, please let me know.

If my technology knowledge worked, inserted is a picture of Roth. He wrote Katiedog one time. I am working on setting him up his own blog so that he can talk to Katiedog, Dr. Cosmo, and Molly.

P.P.S.S. (Is there such an acronym?)
Larry, Thanks so much for your work on the videos. My granddaughter and I watched them this a.m. We both laughed.