Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ozarks Writing Project 2008-2009 Saturday Seminars

2008-2009 Saturday Seminars at Missouri State University

Saturday Seminars . . .
*explore best practices across grade-levels and content areas;
*focus on research-based best practices; and
*actively engage participants.

October 25, 2008
Teaching the Holocaust—6-University
Thomas Maerke, Pleasant View Middle School
Larry Neuburger, Miller High School
Having a tough time getting your students to move beyond the hard facts of the Holocaust? Presenters will guide you through reading and writing activities, including writing from the perspective of a Holocaust victim.

December 6, 2008
Exploring Genre—K-12
Elizabeth Salchow, Steadley Elementary, Carthage
Julie Schreffler, Branson High School
Learn how to engage students through genre study and multi-genre research projects. Participants will explore how genres can improve writing, research, and thinking.

January 24, 2009
Using an Artist’s Eye
Michelle Keller, Hollister Junior High
Shelly Maledy-Martin, Hollister Junior High
Experience research-based strategies to incorporate visual learning activities into language instruction. Leave this seminar able to help students use their artist’s eye to explore writing.

April 4, 2009
Community Inquiry as a Springboard for Writing
Kimberly Witt, Mt. Vernon High School
Kim Piddington, Wilson’s Creek Elementary
Learn how to use community inquiry as a springboard for writing. Presenters will share how they incorporated writing projects based on their urban and rural communities.

Facilitators are Teacher Consultants of the Ozarks Writing Project.

All Seminars will be located at Pummill Hall 308 on the beautiful campus of Missouri State University.
. $20 per seminar
. $60 for 4 Seminars
. Graduate Credit available

For further information contact:
Dr. Keri Franklin, Director
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